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Created in 1997 as a tribute to a vastly underrated character from Marvel Comic's Spider-Man universe, spotlights Silver Sable's solo series, Silver Sable & the Wild Pack, that ran from 1992 to 1995.

Name: Silver Sable
Real Name: Silver Sablinovia
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 pounds
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Group Affiliation: Wild Pack, Intruders, Outlaws
Marital Status: Divorced
Nationality: Symkarian
Place of Birth: Symkaria (located in the Balkan region of Europe)
Father's Name: Ernst
Mother's Name: Anastasia (deceased)
Chief Executive Officer,
Silver Sable International
Ms. Sable


The Comic Book Library, features "The World's Most Deadly Mercenary," Silver Sable.

Section 1: the complete series of Silver Sable & the Wild Pack, available for your review.

Section 2: a list of comics that featured Silver Sable in a supporting or guest role (through April 2010).
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Silver Sable and the Wild Pack

"Relentlessly trained in multiple forms of combat. Inheritor of her father's professional soldier unit, The Wild Pack. Founder of Silver Sable International, the ultimate mercenary force. Leader of her beloved homeland, Symkaria. Stan Lee presents.....Silver Sable & The Wild Pack"

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack


Ms. Sable Here in the Silver Sable Image Archive, we're feature selected images from the comics and trading cards
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